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Reliable Ventilatiion Across The Spectrum Of Care


Flight 60 Tech Specs

Intended Use

Ventilator designed to provide Invasive and Non-Invasive ventilation for the
critical care management of adult and pediatric patients greater than 5 kg

Modes of Ventilation
ACMV (Pressure control/Volume control/PRVC)
SIMV (Pressure control/Volume control/PRVC)
B-Lev (Bi-Level,APRV, Bi-Phasic, Duo-PAP)
Volume Guarantee VtG & MVG (VG PS/ AVAPS)
NIV leak compensation Up to 30 l/min
Operating Environment
Temperature -18°C to 50°C / -0.4° F to 122°F
Humidity 15% to 95% at 31°C/88° F
Altitude: 70KPa to 110KPa
Storage T° -20°C to 71°C / -4 ° F to 160°F
Water/Dust Resistance IP34 (Splash Proof)
Width 29 cm /11.4″
Height 25 cm /9.8″
Depth 28 cm/11.0″
Weight 6.3 kg / 6.9 kg with integrated mixer
User Interface
7″ easy to use color LCD touchscreen
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,
Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese
Adjustable buzzer level
5 preset customizable settings
Lockable keypad buttons
Power Sources
AC 100 to 240V, 50-60Hz
DC 12 to 15V
Power Save On/Off/Night
Hot swappable batteries 12 hours
Flow Up to 100 l/min
Tidal Volume 30 to 2,200 ml
Breath Rate 1 to 99 BPM
Manual Breath 0 to 3 sec
Pressure Control 5 to 80 cmH2O
Volume Control Time/Flow
Pressure Support 0 to 60 cmH2O
PSV flow termination 10% to 90°/0
PEEP/CPAP 0 to 40 cmH2O
Pressure Trigger -20 to -0.1 cmH2O
Flow Trigger 1 to 20 l/min
Rise Profile 5 levels
Inspiratory Time (Ti) 0.1 to 3 sec
FiO2 21% to 100%
2 min 100% O2 delivery
Sigh On/Off
Synchronized nebulizer 5 to 60 min
Altitude compensation Off, 500 to 4,500 m
Automatic Purge circuit 60 to 300 sec
Customizable Apnea Ventilation
B-Lev Contntrols(APRV)
T high 1 to 15 sec
T low 0.5 to 5 sec
P high 3 to 60 cmH2O
P low 0 to 40 cmH2O
Inverse I:E 30:1
Alarm prioritization 3 levels – Caution/Medium/High
Apnea 10 to 60 sec
Battery Low/Empty/Disconnection
Low/High Minute Volume
Low/High Pressure
Low/High FiO2
Low Vti/Vte
Check patient circuit
O2 sensor defective
O2 supply failed
Low/High Breath Rate
Airway pressure LED Gauge -10 to 120 cmH2O
Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) 0 to 120 cmH20
Inhaled/ Exhaled Tidal Volume O to 1OL
Inhaled/ Exhaled Minute Volume 0 to 99 l/min
Base / Mean Pressure 0 to 99 cmH2O
Actual breath rate 0 to 99 BPM
FiO2 21% to 100%
I:E Ratio 1:99 to 3:1
RSBI 0 to 200 1/min x l
Waveforms Pressure, Flow, Volume
Loops Pressure vs Volume, Flow vs Volume
Trends Breath rate, PIP, Vte (up to 72 hours)
Lung mechanics Static & Dynamic compliance, Resistance,
P Plateau, Auto PEEP
Optional O2 mixer Internal electronically controlled
Optional external mixer
High Pressure/Low Flow Port 35 to 90 psi / 0 to 15 l/min
Compatible with oxygen tanks and concentrator
2 USB ports Download logs, SW upgrade
2 external RS232 connectors Remote Alarm and Monitoring
RJ 45 connector
IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-12, ISO 80601-2-12,
ISO 10651-2/3, RTCA DO-160F
  • Flight Medical Innovations Ltd. manufactures, develops and markets life supporting respiratory ventilators for critical care and emergency environments, long term acute care facilities, homecare, transport, military, mass casualty and emergency preparedness.
  • The Flight 60 is a fully independent, Piston- driven, ventilator.
  • The worldwide deployed Flight 60 is both a volume-control and pressure-control ventilator for invasive and noninvasive ventilation.
  • Cost effective, value driven solution for reliable ventilation, across the spectrum of care.


Provides high quality mechanical-ventilation in all clinical situations

  • Adults and pediatric patients greater than 5 kg
  • Pressure and volume control ventilation
  • Basic and advanced modes
  • Non-invasive and invasive ventilation

A versatile ventilator with ICU – level expectation

  • ICU modes: B-Lev, PRVC, Volume Guarantee
  • Continuous monitoring of breathing parameters
  • Flow or Pressure Trigger for optimum patient-machine synchrony
  • Internal Mixer: Low flow and high pressure O2, 100% O2 preset
  • Customized apnea backup ventilation to keep patients’ parameters
  • Extensive alarms system
  • Does not require connection to air inlet
  • Lung mechanics

LTAC and homecare

  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  • The Flight 60 provides the tools needed to effectively ventilate your patients in any care environment
  • The Flight 60 offers advanced weaning modes, preset quick ventilation options
  • The Flight 60’s portability, along with long battery life, is the perfect solution when it comes to providing powerful ventilation
  • Low flow oxygen inlet, no need to have high pressure oxygen source
  • Splash-proof: Allows the patient to leave the ventilator near the shower
  • Lockable screen to avoid any unattended action
  • Ability to dim visual screen for night time patient comfort
  • Mouthpiece ventilation capabilities

When it is time for NIV, clinicians no longer need to switch devices

  • Automatic leak compensation allows for effective and comfortable mask ventilation in a wide range of modes
  • Pressure support in CPAP and BiPAP modes to provide ideal assistance
  • Both Flow and Pressure Trigger options
  • When moving between invasive and non-invasive therapies utilize the same equipment and same patient circuit
  • Integrated and compensated nebulizer (Not available in USA)

Transport and EMS

  • Whether it is critical care transport outside the hospital, emergency preparedness or mass casualty response, the Flight 60 provides a sturdy and reliable solution for all levels of required ventilation. Its autonomous platform allows caregivers to treat patients in any environment, while conserving oxygen and power.
  • Move the patient on all ventilation modes
  • Autonomous: 12 hours of independent ventilation plus hot swappable battery
  • Any power source, in flight certification
  • Five Preset modes: Allows clinicians to focus their attention on the patient and reduces time to make the right clinical decision

Ease of operation

  • 7″ color touch screen clearly visible even outside in bright daylight or with fluorescent lighting
  • All parameters and alarms displayed on one screen
  • Intuitive user interface requires minimum training
  • Curves and loops
  • 72 hours of trendsAdjustable alarms
  • Downloadable event logs
  • Customizable configurations


Medical Representative ( For Laboratory Department)   M/F (5posts)
-Any graduates
-Minimum 2 years experience in related fields.
-Able to work under pressure.
-Able to travel if needed

Laboratory Technologist /Sale Engineer  M/F(2posts)
-B.Med.Tech (Laboratory), B.E(MC,EC,IT,EP)
-Minimum 2years experience in related fields
-Able to work under pressure
– Able to travel if needed

Salary :Negrotiable
Submit a professional Resume to the following address not later Than February 28th 2018.

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