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Pink MC50

Life Science
Pink MC50
Binocular Routine Microscope
Petunia MCX50
Binocular Routine Microscope with infinity plan optic

Lotus MCX51
Pure ICO² Plan Infinity Optics 4/10/40, rackless stage
Pure ICO² Plan Infinity Optics 4/10/40/100, rackless glass stage
Pure ICO² Plan Infinity Optics 4/10/40, sliding stage
Daffodil MCX100
-ECO-Halogen / LED
-PLUS-Halogen / LED
Versatile life science microscope for advanced laboratory applications
Lily MCX500
Large Laboratory Microscope with Patented Glass Flash Stage
Sundew MCX1600 invert
Digital Microscope
Lanvender MCX100 LCD
LCD Digital Microscope with embedded Android based computer system and 5MP live camera
Imaging Microscopes
Vanilla 3MP MCX51
Sophisticated microscope technology and brilliant imaging
Ginger FullHD MCX51
FullHD VIDEO-MICROSCOPE with intelligent sliding stage
Crocus 5MP MCX100
Combining high quality microscope technology and premium picture making
Wulfenia 8MP MCX500
Large imaging microscope with sophisticated technology for high content analysis
Field Microscopes
Pink MCX50 BAT
Cordless microscope with built-in battery
Pentunia MCX50BAT
Cordless microscope with built-in battery

Powerful Solar Charger
Fast charging with solar power
Fluorescence Attm
Daffodil MCX100
High quality performance for fluorescence applications at an excellent price-performance ratio
LED fluorescence takes advantages of the benefits of LEDs
Premium performance fluorescence attachment delivering crystal clear and rich in contrast images
Sundew MCXI600 Fluorescence Attachment
Inverted microscope with Fluorescence attachment offering deep of color pictures

Edelweiss MCP300
Compact Polarizing Microscope
Stereo / Zoom Stereo
Ladybird MZ1240
Zoom Stereo Microscope – Binocular or Trinocular Version available

Hornet Micro Zoom 1280
Zoom Stereo Microscope for Industry and Biology
Digital Hand-Held
Digital Hand-Microscope
Light Sources

PL3000 Halogen
LED cold light source F1
Color temperature: daylight quality, minimal object heating
LED cold light source F3000
Brighter than a 150 W Halogen light source
LED Ringlight Sets
With 40 or 80 LEDs available
LED Hi Power  Set
Media & Software
Tablet with 5MP Live camera
Tablet with Android operating system for all MICROS Austria trinocular tubes

Highly efficient analyzing software package for photomicrography, editing and measuring
Focus Stacking Software Module for MICROS Software
BioAnalyze “Basic” / BioAnalyze “Advanced” / MaterialAnalyze
Additional module for Multi-color Fluorescence Imaging for MICROS Software
BioAnalyze “Basic” / BioAnalyze “Advanced” / MaterialAnalyze
Video recording software module for MICROS Software
BioAnalyze “Basic” / BioAnalyze “Advanced” / MaterialAnalyze
Digital Camera Sets
Digital SLR Camera Set
Canon EOS 700D with 8GB SD card and adapter for assembling onto our MICROS microscopes
Digital Compact Camera Set
Canon PowerShot G16 Digital Compact Camera with adapter and 8GB SD card
FullHD 1080p Video Camera


Medical Representative ( For Laboratory Department)   M/F (5posts)
-Any graduates
-Minimum 2 years experience in related fields.
-Able to work under pressure.
-Able to travel if needed

Laboratory Technologist /Sale Engineer  M/F(2posts)
-B.Med.Tech (Laboratory), B.E(MC,EC,IT,EP)
-Minimum 2years experience in related fields
-Able to work under pressure
– Able to travel if needed

Salary :Negrotiable
Submit a professional Resume to the following address not later Than February 28th 2018.

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