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Urineanalysis Range Regants

Product Code Product Name Parameters Packsize
FINUAPLI0001 Urodip 10 e Leu/Nit/pH/Pro/Glu/UBG/Bili/Ket/Hgb/SG 100 strips/botle
10003316 Diaphan Glu/Ket 50 strips/bottle
10003351 Glukophan Glu 50 strips/bottle
10007386 Dekaphan Leu/Nit/pH/Pro/Glu/UBG/Bili/Ket/Hgb/SG 100 strips/bottle
10010228 Triphan pH/Pro/Glu 100 strips/bottle
10010262 Microalbuphan Laura MicroALB/Creat - Laura 50 strips/bottle
10003320 Triphan pH/Pro/Glu 50 strips/bottle
10003350 Dekaphan Laura Leu/Nit/pH/Pro/Glu/UBG/Bili/Ket/Hgb/SG 50 strips/bottle
10008297 Dekaphan Laura Leu/Nit/pH/Pro/Glu/UBG/Bili/Ket/Hgb/SG 100 strips/bottle
10003331 Tetraphan Dia Glu/Ket/pH/Pro 50 strips/bottle


Medical Representative ( For Laboratory Department)   M/F (5posts)
-Any graduates
-Minimum 2 years experience in related fields.
-Able to work under pressure.
-Able to travel if needed

Laboratory Technologist /Sale Engineer  M/F(2posts)
-B.Med.Tech (Laboratory), B.E(MC,EC,IT,EP)
-Minimum 2years experience in related fields
-Able to work under pressure
– Able to travel if needed

Salary :Negrotiable
Submit a professional Resume to the following address not later Than February 28th 2018.

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